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CCTV & Remote Power Solutions

Security Made Smarter

A popular means of ensuring the security of your home or business is through a professional wired CCTV installation.

We offer CCTV system installations for domestic and commercial use in Scotland. There are several advantages to using a quality CCTV system in your home and business premises such as:

  • Cost-effective security and monitoring

  • Acting as a deterrent to thieves.

  • Can lower insurance premiums on property.

  • Can provide evidence for police investigations.

  • Protecting your property day & night 24/7

Our CCTV systems are tailored to your specific retirements. It's also possible to set up the camera feeds to either a smartphone or tablet device, meaning you can check on your home when away.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Remote Power Solutions

Renewable Power for remote CCTV and monitoring systems is a necessity for many farms and rural properties.

CCTV Installations

Full Surveillance Management and Scalability for all your home and business needs.Keep an eye on your property from any device, anywhere anytime .

Control Your network

With Mobile Applications

Easily install, configure, and manage your Wi-Fi network with an intuitive mobile app.

Network Solutions

Bespoke IP LAN/WAN network installations to suit your home or business requirements.

Security & CCTV Maintenance Contracts

We do more... 

Powerful Cloud Management access and remote maintenance packages available for all CCTV products.


Briskona have revolutionised our business by providing very fast download and – crucially – upload speeds that compete with any urban fibre-optic broadband

Stewart Campbell MD

Tigershark Ltd

Stewart Campbell MD

Tigershark Ltd


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